The love of the rain and the sun

Texto por María Bautista
Traducción por Dani Moore
Ilustración por Brenda Figueroa

There was a time when seasons did not exist. There was no flowering spring, no scorching summer, no nostalgic fall nor frozen winter. The trees mixed their flowers with their fruits, their yellow leaves with bare branches and on the same day it could rain and freeze, be freezing cold or have the most grueling heats.

During this time everyone went a little crazy with so much change in the weather. The snails extended their antennae towards the sun, to soon feel the rain on their spiral shells. The bears were about to hibernate during the cold and, before they had fallen asleep, they were already dying of heat in the depths of their cave. Everyone was clueless but as there were no rules, they all lived happily in absolute chaos.

The sun and the rain were also clueless, concentrated on something much more important than the weather, the animals or the trees: love. See, the sun and the rain, in this crazy time without seasons, had fallen in love. And as this time was one of firsts, the love between the sun and the rain was new, intense and overwhelming.

At first they met at the dawns, when everyone was still sleeping. For a few minutes the sun shone strong and the rain filled the leaves and fields with water. In time, the lovers felt more and more need to be together. Dawns became mornings and mornings became noons and afternoons.

But in this world of chaos where there were no seasons, no one was surprised that it rained while the sun came out at the same time, after all, this was a world without rules and everything was allowed.

However, one day the lovers went too far. In love as they were, the hours together passed them by in an instant, little did they know. Hence one afternoon when the sun was preparing to set, to disappear until the next morning, the rain felt the desire to have a moment more with the sun by its side.

– You can’t leave so soon! Stay with me a couple of hours more.

And the sun, moved by the sweetness of the rain could not say no. That day the sun set two hours later but nobody said anything: in that world without rules where everything was allowed.

Day after day, the lovers scratched hours off the night until it completely disappeared from the world. This provoked the biggest chaos that anyone had ever seen in this world already filled with chaos. The animals could not get to sleep, the land was flooded and the flowers were dying from too much sun and heat. Not to mention that the moon and stars had been left without work. Very upset, the moon began to ask for explanations from everyone who lived on the planet.

– Does anyone know who has organized such a mess? Without the night there is no need for the moon or the stars, where do you suppose I should go now? – the moon growled irritated at the top of the sky.

And after much questioning and investigating, the moon learned of the romance between the sun and the rain and of how this overflowing love had stolen the night. Very angry, the moon surprised them one night that was not night but rather day:

– You two aren’t ashamed of yourselves for having left the entire world without the night? – the moon yelled indignantly.

– Well this is a world without rules and here everything is allowed – exclaimed the sun proudly.

– Sure, as long as we do not disturb others. And your nocturnal adventures perturb the animals that cannot sleep, and lull the trees and flowers to sleep with so much water and heat. More so, what about the stars and myself? What will we do without the night? Have you stopped to think for a second what will become of us?

The rain and the sun hung their heads in shame. Surely they had not thought about this. They only had thoughts of their love and their feelings and everything else was not important. But that had to change.

And so it did change. The moon took charge of it and ordered the lovers to stop with those encounters. From this moment, the rain was always accompanied by a gray, sad sky. The sun, meanwhile, stopped traveling with the clouds. If these clouds appeared it was to create shade, but they never brought the rain, not like before.

It was a sad time, this one. In spite of that, the seasons were born and the animals and plants stopped going crazy from so much change of weather. However, everyone felt a little bit responsible for the sun and the rain, separated forever.

– Something must be done. It is too cruel to the rain and the sun.

After much insistence, the moon had to concede.

– You may reunite every once in a while, and always for short periods of time. But in exchange, for each meeting, you have to give us something as beautiful as your love.

The rain and the sun accepted. They returned to their encounters, and the world returned to being happy. The rain and the sun also fulfilled their promise.

They created something as beautiful as their love: the rainbow.


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